In the lead up to the release of her debut EP (2017) Sophia has learned the art of making the music she loves, true to herself with conviction and without compromise. At only 22, Sophia's music is the unique expression of the cultural and creative melting pot provided by her upbringing. Having traveled more in her childhood then most do in a lifetime, her stories, songs and musings are fused with wisdom beyond her years and a simplicity, rooted in the quiet confidence of being.

As many search for meaning in the world outside, Sophia’s music draws you into the journey within, the discovery of one’s self and the expression of the treasure you find. With her debut single scheduled for an imminent release (via indie label Orphan No More), Sophia side steps genre’s from folk, gospel and pop with a voice so alluring, yet undeniable in power, you can’t help but be enriched by lending your ear.