Step One

 I’ve heard it said that the calmest place to be during a tornado is actually right in the eye of the storm. It possesses an almost eerie calmness, where chaos is replaced by peace. 

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LifestyleEd White
Between Two Seasons

When all I wanted to do was go, but he said stay. I feel so ready to leave, to put everything down, and to get on a plane and go. This sounds like running away, maybe it is, but me, I am hungry for adventure. I have been in this state of being for a long time now.

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Dead Man Walking

I can see an image of myself in ten years. I'll be 36 years old, probably with a few grey hairs nestled in my beard. They'll make me wiser and so will the time that's past. I can see the clothes I'll wear, the conversation I'll have.

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